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The February meeting of "Lunch With the Guys" will be
February 12th and begin as usual, with a catered lunch served promptly at 11:30.
   We are accepting the suggestion of Merilyn Copland, our January speaker, and have scheduled a visit and docent conducted tour by Dr Carl Morgan, curator, to the Woodland Museum of Biblical Archaeology.  Others who have visited the museum have also strongly suggested a visit.

Immediately following the luncheon, we will car pool  to the museum.  There is no entrance fee but they welcome contributions so in addition to the $8 luncheon cost we are adding $2 for each entrance as a contribution making a total of $10 per ticket sold.  For those willing to drive (about 30 miles), directions from the church to the museum will be handed out at the time of ticket purchase.  The tour takes about 1 hour, but you may stay longer to view areas especially interesting to you. 

Tickets may be purchased at the media window before or after church  beginning February 1st and again February 8th.  If you can't make either of those dates, contact Bob Claycomb through the church office, 771-4447 and make arrangements to purchase your ticket with him.                                                                        
Bob Claycomb                                                                               Ticket Chairman



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Fishers of Men

Steve & Dawn Liberti

The Libertis, our missionaries in Germany and the world, remind us of our need to be grateful in all of our circumstances.

Dawn:   For family and friends, our supporters who make it possible for us to stay on the mission field. For God's gift of creativity, i.e. baking and card making.

Sofia:   My family, pets, teachers, friends, team mates, my enemies, blessings from God, singing, playing oboe, my small group, baking everything.

Bianca: For friends on two continents, a good school, parents that can cook and bake, music, the warm sun in the summer, opportunity, Skype and the person who invented soccer.

Steve:   For Jesus. He rescued me from a wasted life that was pointless and without purpose. For my amazing wife, Dawn, and our beautiful girls, Bean and Fi-fi. For friends, the gift of music, strong coffee, and taste buds that like spicy food.






"Do not complain about growing old ... it is a privilege denied to many." ~ Mark Twain